Tax Services

Every client is different and every tax return is different. We strive to understand you, your business and how you can keep more of your money.



As you go through life changes, naturally you have questions. Some you ask your parents; some you ask your friends. And some you need to ask a professional. We want to work through those changes with you and help you feel comfortable that your taxes are taken care of.


Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed

Congratulations on becoming your own boss! It is such an exciting time, but it also brings a lot of worry and unknowns. We have a true to the core passion for helping entrepreneurs navigate through the unknowns.


Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is especially unique within the tax code. Having worked for large developers, REITs, Property Managers, Landlords and Brokers, we are experts in the best practices as well as advising your business on tax treatment.

About Root

Root is passionate about helping you achieve success by providing uncomplicated, friendly tax help and consulting throughout the year. Whether you are a looking to become an entrepreneur, have a desire to take your business to the next level or want to know how buying a house affects your tax liability, you will receive personalized accounting and advisory services that let you do what you love.