Business Management

Growing your business is one of your top concerns. Being an accountant shouldn’t be one of them. We have developed support solutions to help you focus your time providing great customer service and doing what you love instead of working a second job.



Simplify your life and let us handle the books. Whether you need daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly assitance, we can find a solution that meets your need.



Is your business growing? Do you need to add employees? We can help you administer and process payroll for yourself and your employees.


Cash Flow & Budgeting

Business income and expenses often come in waves. Need help projecting, planning and budgeting for those waves? Let’s sit down and dive in together to help you be ready for the rainfall and the droughts.


Bill Pay & Invoicing

Do you need help getting paid? Want someone to manage your payments and bills? We can work with you to handle both – getting your approval and a report of the activity invoiced, and bills paid so that you stay informed and connected to your everyday transaction with the comfort of knowing that it is all being taken care of.

About Root

Root is passionate about helping you achieve success by providing uncomplicated, friendly tax help and consulting throughout the year. Whether you are a looking to become an entrepreneur, have a desire to take your business to the next level or want to know how buying a house affects your tax liability, you will receive personalized accounting and advisory services that let you do what you love.